Monday, April 24, 2006

The Chronicles of Namibia

Please click this so you can see it at it's full potential. and then click it again, just to make sure it is at 100%. i don't know why blogspot makes it so small.

yes, I, Starletto, made this fake poster. I'm sickly and sadly proud. What an awful thing to waste time doing. But I thought of it and had to do it.

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starletto returns

Hey guys and dolls, It's Starletto here, yes, the one, the only Starletto who left you oh so long ago. I'm sorry I never came back. I really hate that one night I went a little crazy and deleted my whole blog. But anyway, I'm not back for good, I just really wanted to post the Chronicles of Nambia poster I made. I worked pretty hard on it even if it looks like a bang-up job. Which it is.

I might make some random posts sometimes. It sure is a different world from last summer- the gossip blogs have taken over the world. I have survived on Dlisted and Perez Hilton. Good job guys.